Friday, February 5, 2016

I love to read!

I do!   I. LOVE. TO. READ.

And ... we know that reading is important in the classroom.  We've all seen the research, the charts, the lovely graphs that support this.  We know that it needs to happen across the curriculum BUT we're not all trained reading specialists ... this can help!

I was recently reminded of a site that we've talked about in the past and I believe it merits another visit. has a vast library of reading passage that are sorted by grade level, lexile, topic and even by text type (literary, informational or poetry)!

I'm going to throw in their informational video but it is outdated a bit - mainly because it implies that this resource is only valid for K-8 - and from the image above you can see it has grown since the video was made.

More good news?  This is "teacher priced" ... FREE!  Take some time and wander through this next time you are looking to support reading in your classroom ...


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