Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Installment G, H and I ...

Here you are ... three more tips ... numbers 7, 8, and 9 of 26!  I will be sharing this entire presentation this weekend at the MN Google Summit with other educators around the state!  Enjoy your preview!

G is for GoNoodle!

GoNoodle is great in Minnesota this time of year when we are forced to have indoor recess!  This site is perfect for those times when your students need to get their "wiggles" out!  All sorts of short activities with great videos and music to accompany them.  I do recommend previewing them on your computer solely to make sure they aren't being stopped by your filter.  Don't limit this to elementary students!

H is for Hangouts on Air!

Our elementary recently used this to conduct a PBIS all school Bingo game.  The principal ran the bingo session from her office and the students watched in their classrooms.  It was perfect!  Teachers could pause when needed, track bingos in their classrooms, and the principal did a great job using the built in effects to add glasses, hats, and sound effects!  What a great way to have a grandparent read a book to a class from the comfort of their own home in a different zip code during I Love to Read Month!  So many possibilities!

Use this site to create a text message for your bell ringer, it's a screen shot of a text message that you can share with students!  Have students create messages between book characters, historical figures, even between different chemical compounds!!

Enjoy these recommendations for leveraging learning in your classroom with technology!!

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