Friday, February 26, 2016

J, K, L ... better late than never, right?

J is for Journaling ... Journaling is a great way to practice writing skills.  I remember the early years of my career when my English students kept journals, which I read weekly and scored!  Now I wouldn't even have to carry that stack of notebooks anywhere!

Journaling by Journey is a Chrome App that can be added and used wherever you have access to Chrome.  You can add pictures with your entry, "lock" it from prying eyes (WAY better than those tiny keys that I always lost) and even record the location of where the entry was made.

OR ... you can go ahead and journal using good ol' Google Docs ...

K is for KAHOOT!!  Who doesn't love a good Kahoot?!  Kahoot has undergone some great upgrades in the last year - you can now play 'ghost mode' which allows students to play their former selves to see if they've improved, you can also send your report straight to Google Drive, you can even enjoy a new look AND new music!  If you haven't used it in awhile ... take a peek!

L is for Lucidchart!  Lucidchart is a great way to create charts of any kind OR start with their templates and fill in your own information (a great source for a Venn Diagram)!  Just drag, drop, and connect and you're off and running.  Saves straight to Google Drive in a handy folder called Lucidchart.  Next time you ask your students to create a timeline or a flowchart, consider Lucidchart.

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