Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chromebook Tips & Tricks

I'm just back from my monthly TIES KIC meeting where I was co-presenter on Chromebooks:  Tips, Tricks, Apps & Extensions.  Chris White from St. Paul Academy and I presented.  I think the handout that we used today would be of great help to the staff at Pine City Public Schools.  I'm going to share parts of it here.  I'm happy to talk with anyone about some of these things AND/OR come into a classroom to share them with students!

1 ~ Keyboard Shortcuts - These are awesome and show just how versatile the Chromebook can be.

2 ~ Trackpad Gestures - The trackpad on a Chromebook is just as useful and versatile as the trackpad on a MacBook.  Try these out!

3 ~ Apps/Extensions - The Chrome Web Store has lots and lots of worthy apps and extensions.  Check some of these out.  Chris talked about these - some I know about and some are all new to me and are on my "to be checked out list" ...  I've already added the Incredible Start Page!  I can't wait to share it with you at some point!  Some of you will LOVE it!

Enjoy and happy CHROMEBOOKing!

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