Tuesday, October 11, 2016

5 Synergy Hidden Gems

Synergy is a powerful tool for teachers, students and parents!  I've picked five of my favorite things about Synergy to share here.  I have included some videos where appropriate to help.

#1 - Change multiple scores for one student:
•  Method 1:  In seating chart - click on student's face - choose Gradebook - Assignment Summary - Edit grades - Save
•  Method 2:  In Gradebook Main - click on student's name - Assignment Summary - Edit grades - Save.

#2 - Contact parents/guardians:
•  In seating chart - click on student's face - choose Student - phone numbers are listed
•  Note that you can also check what other classes the student has by clicking on Classes

#3 - Missing assignments
•  In seating chart - click on student's face - choose StudentVue - Choose calendar - choose missing assignments from third drop down "all" menu ... note that the other drop down menus allow choices by class and/or teacher.

#4 - Gradebook - Assignments
This window will help you "double check" two things:
1)  Max Value and Pts. Possible are equal

2)  Grading Periods are all checked - in the case below this is a Semester 1 course during Quarter 1 - so Q1 and S1FG are checked.

#5 - Analysis Tool
Want to analyse your grades - see how males do vs females, check grades by ethnicity, assignment type - this is the place to be.  See below for an example of gender analysis.  In this example females have an overall class average of 92.43% and males 92.97%.  

If you would like help doing any of these ... or need/want clarification on something else, please let me know!

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