Wednesday, January 13, 2016

D, E and F ... the series continues!

I promised to keep this up, so here's another group of letters!  F has lots of possibilities...

D is for Docs Quick Create extension ... have you tried extensions in Chrome.  They really add to the whole Chrome experience!  With Docs Quick Create you will get an icon to the right of your Omnibar that will allow you to create a Google doc, form, sheet, slides or form right from your Chrome browser ... no going back to Drive and creating something new.  It's handy, efficient, and available always from every tab in Chrome!

E is for Educannon.  If your students are 1:1 or you are interesting in doing some "flipping" this will be an incredible tool!  You can take almost any video you can find online or one you've created and added to YouTube and create an interactive lesson.  Add questions, assign through Google Classroom, Schoology, email or however you want to get the word out!  This one is a game-changer!  Try this link - you will need to create an account - but simply click on the "Sign In with Google" and you'll be set ...

F is for Fakebook.  A knock off of a popular social media site ... the kids will love this.  Have them create a Fakebook page for a character in a book, a historical figure, and how about something unexpected - a rock, a disease or even an animal!  Checkout this one for Winston Churchill!

Have fun AND, as always, give me a shout out if you want some help getting going on any of these!
Stay warm!

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