Thursday, May 7, 2015

Digital Photo Storage Comes to Google Drive

Have you noticed something new in your Google Drive?  Google Photos!!  This is the answer to photos that fill your mobile device.  It's so hard to pick which ones to delete ... now you don't have to!!  Your photos can be stored in your Google+ account and kept private from the world until you say so!  Even better - it can all happen automatically and you do nothing but set it up!

Here are the steps to perform on your Mobile Device:
1.  Download Google Plus
2.  Log in with your Google account - be thoughtful ... is it personal or work-related?
3.  Tap on the hamburger button (three horizontal lines)
4.  Choose settings (the sprockety wheel)
5.  Tap on camera and photos
6.  Choose Auto Backup
7.  Choose Full Size Backups
8.  Choose Over Wi-Fi only for photo and video backup (unless you have vast amounts of data on your mobile plan)
9.  For your first time tap the "Back up all photos and videos" - this will take some time if you have lots.
10.  Now ... take pictures and be confident that they're backing up.  You may want to check your Google+ account a few times before you start deleting them out of your camera roll.

NOW when you want to show off pics - just open your Google+ App and open the photos.  They'll be there to look at and NOT be taking up valuable storage space on your device.

If you would like help or a demonstration, let me know!  I'd love to help out!

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